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Signet Marking Devices located in Costa Mesa is dedicated to Steel & brass stamps mfrs and you can find it at 3121 Red Hill Ave, Costa Mesa, 92626, California (CA) - United States or by phone numbers +1 714 549 0341, if you wish you can contact Signet Marking Devices during office hours exposed below on this page or by completing the contact form from Signet Marking Devices 24 hours a day. Remember that in we offer you telephone numbers, address, opening hours and other information more that might interest you.

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Steel & brass stamps mfrs

Steel: A variety of iron intermediate in composition and properties between wrought iron and cast iron (containing between one half of one per cent and one and a half per cent of carbon), and consisting of an alloy of iron with an iron carbide. Steel, unlike wrought iron, can be tempered, and retains magnetism. Its malleability decreases, and fusibility increases, with an increase in carbon.

Steel: An instrument or implement made of steel

Steel: A weapon, as a sword, dagger, etc.

Steel: An instrument of steel (usually a round rod) for sharpening knives.

Steel: A piece of steel for striking sparks from flint.

Steel: Fig.: Anything of extreme hardness; that which is characterized by sternness or rigor.

Steel: A chalybeate medicine.

Steel: To overlay, point, or edge with steel; as, to steel a razor; to steel an ax.

Steel: To make hard or strong; hence, to make insensible or obdurate.

Steel: Fig.: To cause to resemble steel, as in smoothness, polish, or other qualities.

Steel: To cover, as an electrotype plate, with a thin layer of iron by electrolysis. The iron thus deposited is very hard, like steel.

Bessemer steel: Steel made directly from cast iron, by burning out a portion of the carbon and other impurities that the latter contains, through the agency of a blast of air which is forced through the molten metal; -- so called from Sir Henry Bessemer, an English engineer, the inventor of the process.

Cast steel: See Cast steel, under Steel.

Stamp: To strike beat, or press forcibly with the bottom of the foot, or by thrusting the foot downward.

Stamp: To bring down (the foot) forcibly on the ground or floor; as, he stamped his foot with rage.

Stamp: To crush; to pulverize; specifically (Metal.), to crush by the blow of a heavy stamp, as ore in a mill.

Stamp: To impress with some mark or figure; as, to stamp a plate with arms or initials.

Stamp: Fig.: To impress; to imprint; to fix deeply; as, to stamp virtuous principles on the heart.

Stamp: To cut out, bend, or indent, as paper, sheet metal, etc., into various forms, by a blow or suddenly applied pressure with a stamp or die, etc.; to mint; to coin.

Stamp: To put a stamp on, as for postage; as, to stamp a letter; to stamp a legal document.

Stamp: To strike; to beat; to crush.

Stamp: To strike the foot forcibly downward.

Stamp: The act of stamping, as with the foot.

Stamp: The which stamps; any instrument for making impressions on other bodies, as a die.

Stamp: The mark made by stamping; a mark imprinted; an impression.

Stamp: that which is marked; a thing stamped.

Stamp: A picture cut in wood or metal, or made by impression; a cut; a plate.

Stamp: An offical mark set upon things chargeable with a duty or tax to government, as evidence that the duty or tax is paid; as, the stamp on a bill of exchange.

Stamp: Hence, a stamped or printed device, issued by the government at a fixed price, and required by law to be affixed to, or stamped on, certain papers, as evidence that the government dues are paid; as, a postage stamp; a receipt stamp, etc.

Stamp: An instrument for cutting out, or shaping, materials, as paper, leather, etc., by a downward pressure.

Stamp: A character or reputation, good or bad, fixed on anything as if by an imprinted mark; current value; authority; as, these persons have the stamp of dishonesty; the Scriptures bear the stamp of a divine origin.

Stamp: Make; cast; form; character; as, a man of the same stamp, or of a different stamp.

Stamp: A kind of heavy hammer, or pestle, raised by water or steam power, for beating ores to powder; anything like a pestle, used for pounding or bathing.

Stamp: A half-penny.

Stamp: Money, esp. paper money.

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