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Restaurant Website Design | At present, the success of a business is hugely dependent on its online reputation. Consumers have become smarter- they search for reviews and check the ratings before spending time and money on recreational activities

At present, the success of a business is hugely dependent on its online reputation. Consumers have become smarter- they search for reviews and check the ratings before spending time and money on recreational activities. Thus, it is quite important for any company to have an impressive website. When it comes to an effective Restaurant Website Design – the psychology of colours, information architecture, navigation, and content prioritization needs to have quick and easy access. Besides this, when it comes to designing a restaurant website, it’s great to showcase the food and ambience. Apart from this, there are a number of factors that can add spice to a restaurant website design:


Tip 1: Use a Neutral Background Colour


When it comes to designing an eye-catchy website for a restaurant business, most companies rely on bright hues of red, orange, green and yellow. While such colours are helpful in bringing a website in line with one’s identity. But there is a better way to do so, and bright colours should not be used in the background as it hurts eyes. Such websites are really painful to read as clarity is the key to readability. For the best view, kept the background to a light hue of white, blue, or green.


Tip 2: Don’t Use a Splash Page


The second important factor that needs to be considered while finalizing a restaurant website design is to keep the page as clear as possible. And, try to avoid using splashes in any form. While they were really fashionable a few years ago, millennial find such designs too tacky. Also, using splash design is often correlated with putting barriers in the way of potential customers.


Tip 3: Use High-quality photography


It’s really appreciable to use high-quality images featuring the food and interiors of a restaurant. But in case you are looking to use images, makes sure they achieve the desired effect by using HTML and CSS. Also, keep the size of images optimum; otherwise, the website will become too heavy to be loaded easily, especially on mobile phones.


Tip 4: PDF Menus? Forget About It!


Many online websites offer PDF file to look at the menu. But that’s a blunder as asking customers to wait for seeing something can make you lose them. Also, keep in mind that downloading PDF charge a lot for data.  So, rest aside the idea of making your users download something. Rather, it’s better to have a specific page for your website.


Tip 5: Consider Your Choice of Social Networks


There are hundreds of social media websites these days and each of them has a good share of users too. But for a company, it’s not possible to follow their users across so many networks. Although you can experiment with plenty of them in the first instance, then it’s better to narrow your fields.

Needless to say, Facebook is the biggest social network in the world that offers cheap and super effective advertising too. So, don’t miss out on Facebook. The selection of rest platforms, however, are subject to their effectiveness and popularity in your region. By turning your social media followers into brand advocates, you can rapidly grow your fan base, which will, in turn, tempt new customers to try the food at your restaurant.


Tip 6: Don’t Allow Autoplay Options on Your Website


While many business owners feel that having an autoplay video or audio can make a restaurant website design highly attractive, this is far away from the truth. Rather, such websites are quite irritating for users.And, the next thing that they do after having something like that on their screen is hitting a big cross in the top right-hand corner.

On the other hand, keep in mind that adding videos on your website can add a great visual effect to it, but that should be played on request.

Your food and service that you offer to do the best it can to create a positive impression on your customers. But remember the era does not favour words-of-mouth publicity.  It’s time to popularize it via the Internet and having a good-looking restaurant website design is the first step towards it. If you’re not a web designer and you own a restaurant, we can help you out.


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