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Metal cutting


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Precimac Tool Ltd.

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Precimac Tool Ltd, a professional metal cutting tools manufacturer, providing custom metal cutting tools and fast, personalized service. Providing superior quality cutting tools, we also share our technical knowledge and experience to improve our customers' manufacturing quality and productivity.

Precimac Tool Ltd. located in Cambridge is dedicated to Metal cutting and you can find it at 374 Franklin Blvd., Cambridge, N1R8G5, Ontario - Canada or by phone numbers +1 519 621 5585, if you wish you can contact Precimac Tool Ltd. during office hours exposed below on this page or by completing the contact form from Precimac Tool Ltd. 24 hours a day. Remember that in we offer you telephone numbers, address, opening hours and other information more that might interest you.

Precimac Tool Ltd. is registered in the categories: Metal cutting, Metal cutting machines

Days and Hours of Service

Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday , Friday , Saturday , Sunday

Morning : 10:00 am -
Afternoon : - 07:00 pm

Where is Precimac Tool Ltd. located?

Precimac Tool Ltd. can be found at the following address.
location_on 374 Franklin Blvd., Cambridge, N1R8G5, Ontario - Canada
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Below we show you the phone numbers that we have registered in the directory.

call +1 519 621 5585

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Metal cutting

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Wood's metal: A fusible alloy consisting of one or two parts of cadmium, two parts of tin, four of lead, with seven or eight part of bismuth. It melts at from 66¡ to 71¡ C. See Fusible metal, under Fusible.

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