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As much as some would have you believe that marketing can be formulized into a predictable certainty, it just isn't so. The movie and music industries seem to be perpetually striving to boil-down human nature into some kind of algorithmic absolute, but the results have been, and will always be, less than promised. Each copycat iteration of movie or TV vampires and zombies seems to lose the essence of the particular combination of elements that made the original a success.

The advertising and broader marketing industries buy instagram followers uk lack of insight, constantly misinterpreting, or perhaps purposely distorting, the reasons for success of various marketing fads and phenomenon, and presenting their left-brain arithmetic contortions as somehow reassuring evidence of their ability to repeat someone else's success. An audience's reaction to a presentation is unpredictable; but what you can control is the emotional and psychological impact you deliver using structure, style, technique, and performance in service of a strategic point-of-view. It is important to look at movies and television because they are culturally relevant, potentially informative, and occasionally memorable, and because they are the communication platforms that are the closest comparable media venues to how the Web is evolving.

Lessons Learned

Web video is different in many ways from its big brother TV and movie relatives. Whereas TV and movies are communal experiences, Web video is intimate and personal; where TV generally takes a shotgun approach to audiences, Web video uses a laser; and where TV makes hard distinctions between programming content and advertising, successful Web video blends the two into a new form of informative, commercial content. That said, what we can learn is that form follows function, and the venue dictates the tools and presentation skills necessary to make it all work.

In the early days of silent pictures, actors needed to look the part but it didn't matter how they sounded. Once talkies arrived actors had to sound the part as well as look it, and those who didn't were out of work. Once radio arrived voice buy instagram followers uk factor and what you looked like was irrelevant. The rotund William Conrad who had the voice of Zeus but the body of the Michelin Man played the tall, dark and handsome Marshal Matt Dillon in radio's long-running "Gunsmoke." Once television arrived you had to look as well as sound the part so the more eye-pleasing James Arness replaced the corpulent Conrad  
in the television adaptation. All very interesting you say but what has all this to do with me, and my online widget business?

These technological changes may have been seismic in their impact on the entertainment community, but the real need was and always will be to communicate effectively using all the advantages a particular platform has to offer. In a medium that relies on both sound and picture, a roly-poly Marshal Dillon just didn't communicate the necessary Effectiveness has to be defined as delivering meaningful, memorable impact, and not by buy instagram followers uk does not represent, nor, therefore, guarantees or endorses the accuracy and veracity of the information, content or advertisements included, distributed, linked, downloaded or obtained from sexperts35, nor the quality of any of the products, information or other exhibited elements, acquired or obtained as a result of the publicity or any other information or offer available in or in relation to sexperts35 More information

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