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Life can be hard sometimes. Even the strongest person can get overwhelmed. When faced with the challenges that inevitably arise in life, seeking out help is not a sign of weakness.

Life can be hard sometimes. Even the strongest person can get overwhelmed. When faced with the challenges that inevitably arise in life, seeking out help is not a sign of weakness. In fact, looking for ways to improve and maintain your mental health is a sign of strength.

Fortunately, there are more types of therapy and self help available than any other time in history due to a domestic interest in mental wellbeing combined with the introduction of Eastern spirituality. 

For some people, Western psychological therapies have either not worked because they are one dimensional, or because they simply don’t appeal to those looking for answers.

On the other hand, Buddhist and Hindu spiritual practices have become very popular in the West. Three practices that are great on their own but even better done together are yoga, pranayama and meditation.



Despite yoga’s growing popularity, it is still sometimes comedically portrayed as someone twisting themselves up into a pretzel. While flexibility is an important part of yoga, there is a lot more to it. The postures, called asanas, have been developed over thousands of years to effectively move energy, or prana, through the body’s energy channels, called meridians.

By practicing daily, you can nourish the whole body with the life-force of prana. Red superfood powder improves physical health, which will improve your mental health.

It is very important to stress that yoga is a body and mind practice. As you practice the asanas, you will come to the point where you feel your body cannot stretch any further. This is called your edge. By going to your edge, day after day, and trying to go just one step further, you are making your muscles and tendons more flexible, but even more importantly, you are making your mind more flexible.

A flexible mind is key for good mental health. When your mind is rigid, you are trapped and limited. However, as your mind becomes more supple, you will see opportunities where you once saw barriers.



Pranayama is a combination of two words: prana, which means breath and life-force, and yama, which means control. Therefore, pranayama means controlling or regulating the breath. As you practice your yoga poses, it is vital to breath properly. You want to inhale on expansive movements and exhale as you contract.

Controlling the breath will help you achieve your edge and then go past your edge. Coordinating your breath with your postures also circulates the prana throughout your body. Successfully integrating pranayama into your yoga practice will improve the results.

Pranayama can also be used outside of movement-oriented yoga. One of the most popular forms of using the breath is with individual and alternate nostril breathing. By using your fingers to close off one nostril and breathing through the open nostril, you can balance the energy in your body and mind to alleviate anxiety and be calmer and more present.



Like yoga, a popular conception of meditation is that of a solitary person sitting in a cave being holy. While this perception is loosely based on truth, meditation is accessible to anyone who wants to try it. There are many forms of meditation, with the vast majority involving the breath.

Paradoxically, the most common forms of meditation focus on controlling the breath or on trying to observe the breath without trying to manipulate it. What’s more, both styles of meditation aim to achieve the same goal of a very concentrated mind.

With a concentrated mind, you are able to have insights about your mind and thoughts and your place in the larger context of reality in general. When your mind is still, a sense of peace comes over you, and you can see clearly parts of yourself that were hidden or distorted.

Having accurate perceptions of yourself eliminates so much of the negative story that plays constantly in the mind of someone who is anxious or depressed. Meditation can really do wonders.

Yoga, pranayama and meditation are all great methods of improving your mental health. The key is to practice daily!

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